The Art Advisory Journey with Boston Consulting Group

Series: Transforming Corporate Spaces Art holds the power to transform spaces, infusing them with inspiration, creativity, and a distinct identity. As art advisors, we had the privilege of collaborating with […]


A brief conversation with Savitha Ravi, a young talented artist from the Art Incept family. As a printmaker, she combines traditional mediums to create unique works. She has also used […]

Building a story with art on your wall

The power of storytelling through clusters is something I only discovered recently! Our walls tell a story about us. Art is a great way to personalize a space and add […]


“There are two kinds of light- the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures.” – James Thurber Art Galleries are not just displays of artworks, but also an adventure […]


A brief conversation with Jaimini Jariwala, the newest addition to the Art Incept family as our represented artist.   Born in 1991 (Gujarat), Jaimini studied painting from Surat School of […]


Kumar Misal in conversation with Gayatri Singh We showed Kumar Misal at the India Art Fair in April 2022. His work was deeply appreciated by many art critics and collectors. […]

India Art Fair 2022

Art Incept was at the India Art Fair in 2022 as a debutant gallery. We present 8 young emerging artists. The exhibition was designed by Prima Kurien and was curated […]

Why collect young art?

An artist creates work to express. The idea is to provoke, provide a fresh perspective, and sometimes even to question. And therefore, collecting art and engaging with it is an […]

Whispers of marks and folds

Exploring the art practice of Brojeswer Mondal Written by Rahul Kumar Artists have a unique liberty, not only to choose their media and process, but to manipulate it, treat it […]

FORGERY ALERT! Ways to detect fake art

Written by Neha Sankhla “Fakes trouble India’s booming art market.” – The Independent Then a new practice is born, born with it is its parallel deluding world that is lucrative, […]

Where does it go?

An initiative between iamgurgaon, The Municipal Corporation and Art Incept Waste is a problem – it poisons our water, our air and the food we eat. We see a lot […]

Art Education for our Children

“There’s lots of evidence that kids immersed in the arts do better on their academic tests.” Tom Horne, Educationist In a country that is obsessed with academic results, art education […]

Art Completes your Home

“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness!” – Anni Albers When you walk into a house with art – it welcomes you in. There […]

The Associates of PAG

After years of camaraderie based on the vision of progressive modernist approach achieved through distinctive styles and techniques, the ardour of Progressive Artists’ Group (PAG) of Bombay faded in the […]

The PAG of Bombay

The stretch of 1940’s was the period of great national turmoil in India, feeding the creation of several art collectives in diverse fields like visual arts, theatre, literature and so on. Leading nationalist demonstrations against the […]

Art and Design

Why don’t we integrate art more with architecture and interior design? Architecture, sculpture, and painting at one time belonged together. If we look at most ancient cultures, the Renaissance and […]