Art Placement – it makes all the difference!

Great art can be totally ruined if placed badly. Placement, lighting and framing are all important factors that makes your art look amazing. As a gallery we love helping our clients place their work in the best possible way. Here are some simple suggestions and tips based on our experience.

Rule 1: Artwork should be hung at eye level – this means the center of the piece or the center point of an installation should be at the eye level of the person viewing the work!

Artist: Bikash Bhattacharya, B Prabha

Rule 2: While placing a set of works in a linear manner (whether horizontally or vertically), ensure that the spaces between the works are equal. Preferably between 2-4 inches.

Artist: Shivlal Saroha, Charcoal and acrylic on canvas

Placing the pieces the same distance from each other on all sides will achieve the most aesthetically appealing display. 

Rule 3: In a home other elements like your furniture play an important role in the placement. It is important to integrating the art with furniture and other objects in the room. In fact, smaller pieces of art can have a lot more presence if balanced with other art/furniture.

As a general rule the art should not be wider than the furniture. Ideally the art should be around 75% the width of the sofa.

Tip: Don’t hang it – let it lean! Making a painting lean against the wall is an interesting display option. Use a cabinet or desk that is against a wall and place your leaning art on top.

Furniture by Nivasa Contemporary, Art by Art Pilgrim Live

Rule 4: Keep the balance while hanging a set or group of works. This would mean that when you look at the center of the arrangement, the weight on either side should be visually equal.

Rule 5: Keep the location/the room in mind while placing your art. You might want to consider hanging art slightly lower in the dining room since most often people are sitting while looking at the art.

Furniture by FTS by Sharmilee; Artist: Sachin George Sebastian

Tip: Panels work well for pillars and narrow walls. Ensure there is enough breathing space on both sides.

Rule 6: While placement for aesthetics is very important you must keep your artwork safe. Keep it away from damp areas and ensure it is not exposed to sunlight.

We suggest that you are more experimental with your approach while hanging your art. Explore interesting and different ways of highlighting your art. Your art can be off-center and then balanced with a piece of furniture, a small artwork can be balanced by a sculpture or a taller piece of furniture, or you can create an interesting cluster of works. Don’t settle for boring. Experiment, connect and love your art.

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