Recognizing and supporting emerging talent in visual arts


  • Artist from South Asia ages 21-35 years (as of November 1, 2021).
  • The grant has been extended to contemporary art from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
  • Practice must fit the contemporary genre. Format and media not a constraint. 
  • Illustrations, graphic design, photography, and decorative art are not within the mandate.
  • Applicants must be at early stage of their career, a student or an emerging artist in the process of launching their career.
  • Applicants must be individuals (or part of a collective) applying on their own behalf





    • Internal jury will shortlist 20-22 applicants by November 30, 2021

    • Shortlisted artist will be required to send 3 physical works for review and the Grant show  by December 15, 2021

    • External jury will evaluate and pick the 3 artists for the grant.   

External jury members: Manisha Parekh, Senior Artist; Roobina Karode, Director & Chief Curator KNMA and Ranbir Kaleka, Senior Artist.

    • Final selection by March 24, 2022.

    • Grant categories –

      • 1 Grant in the Rs 100,000 category

      • 2 Grants in the 50,000 category

    • Grant winners will have access to our mentors for a period of 12 months

    • We will attempt to place the Inception Grant Awardee at a residency of our choice


We are honoured to have the support of British born visual artist, Tacita Charlotte Dean CBE,RA. Tacita is reviewing the shortlisted finalists to select the artist to get the Tacita Dean Award 2022. The award comes with a cash grant to further your practice, a mentorship program by Art Incept and a solo show in 2023/24!

Dean is a leading global artist and works primarily in film. A Turner prize nominee, and the Hugo Boss and Kurt Schwitters Prize winner is the first artist to open three solo shows in the summer of 2018 in London at the same time– at the National Gallery, the Royal Academy, and the National Portrait Gallery. An unprecedented collaboration.

She is known for her mesmerizing 16mm and 35mm films that experiment with narrative and the medium of analogue film, she has worked across other mediums like drawings, photography, and various forms of installation, addressing the culture of obsolescence.

Our internal jury will select a shortlist that will be presented at the Grant show in January 2022. We are delighted to announce that the final jury for the grant are Manisha Parekh, Senior Artist; Roobina Karode, Director & Chief Curator of KNMA and Ranbir Kaleka, Senior Artist.