Contemporary Indian Art Gallery


Art Pilgrim, a contemporary Indian art gallery, was set up 20 years ago at Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi. Working with old masters and young contemporary artists, the gallery evolved with a distinct style and identity of its own. Large shows, successful presentations at events like the India Art Fair, a gallery in London helped the gallery build its own network and space. Today it is known for the quality of art (especially sculptures) and most importantly its integrity.

Driven by the need to empower young emerging artists, creating their future while deepening the art market at the same time, we believed that we could create great value by bringing diverse minds together, collaborating and creating a new energy and ecosystem for tomorrow – one that included artists, collectors, patrons, architects and the gallery.

The idea for Art Incept was born from this.

Our Mission

To recognize and empower tomorrow’s artists while developing a forum that creates
a comprehensive ecosystem for new generation
art collectors and patrons.

Vision for Artists

A platform that identifies, incubates and promotes artists of tomorrow. The generation of artists who in today’s time is creating discernible work and are willing to experiment with varied mediums to express their deep insights.

Vision for Art Enthusiasts

We are a forum to make art collection an inclusive phenomenon. Using tools like art appreciation workshops, interaction with artists, art tours, studio visits, workshops with existing seasoned collectors, we enable process of art collecting and appreciation an intelligent and informed concert.

Art Incept - As a Gallery

Our curators and advisors handpick emerging artists through studio visits, discussions and carefully drafted guidelines around concept, skill, expression, subject, and medium. Our focus is to mentor and guide.

The purpose is to enable artists to progress in their art practice by empowering them with the essential tools for development.

Key Activities

Well curated and planned shows at an external location

Ensuring artist participation in the foremost group shows across the country and abroad

A well-managed PR strategy for each of our artists

Two shows planned at our gallery in London

An innovative online presence

Produce exhibitions, like Transitional Spaces, that are unique in their format and bring diverse creative minds together

Presence at the India Art Fair and other international art events

Art projects -selected and exclusive projects in conjunction with architects to place customized art and installations

Our Team

Gayatri Singh

(The Driver and Dreamer)

Gayatri joined the art business after spending 20 years in the corporate world where she successfully started her own education company before working with organizations like Arthur Andersen and the Economist Intelligence Unit. She won the Tata Stree Shakti Award for Woman Entrepreneurship in 2008!

While she walked into a ready art business, she wanted to do more. She felt the art market was limited to a few. The same works were seen in every house and every art fair! Young artists who were doing amazing work were getting little attention. In fact, many brilliant minds were being forced to leave their practice!

Her passion is to empower tomorrow’s artists by creating a comprehensive ecosystem for new generation artist, collectors and patrons. She believe that this generation will put Indian art on the international map! Art Incept was created as a platform that mentors them, guides, supports and showcases emerging talent.

Prima Kurien

(Senior Curatorial Advisor and Mentor)

Prima Kurien is an Exhibition Designer & Art Evaluator She started her career in art 1989 after a short stint in advertising Prima ran the cutting-edge gallery, Art Inc 1995 – 2003.

She launched the careers of several artists and worked and showcased artists such as Himmat Shah , Valsan Kolleri , Anita Dube, Shilpa Gupta and A Balasubramaniam, Anjum Singh , Surendran Nair, Shukla Sawant etc.In 1997. She published ‘Living on the Edge’ written by Roobina Karode and host of other publications. She has designed prestigious shows of Zarina Hashmi, J. Swaminathan , Sonia Khurana ( KNMA project) and Gallery Espace- Drawing show to commemorate their silver anniversary.

She continues to work as an Exhibition Designer & Art Evaluator. Prima Kurien is also a chef specializing in Traditional Kerala Cuisine.

Rahul Kumar

(Consulting Curator Projects & Patrons Club)

Rahul Kumar left the corporate world, after having spent significant time with global to follow his passion. He completed his masters from USA on a Fulbright Scholarship in 2008 followed by a Charles Wallace award in the UK in 2013. Today he is a well-known writer, an artist and a curator. Rahul was recently named as one of the five-Indian-ceramic-artists-you-need-to-know by the Architecture Digest and has been honoured by the Bharat Nirman Foundation. He has been a ceramid artist for 25 years and is also the Art Editor for STIR. Rahul regularly contributes to the MINT-Lounge. Rahul is passionate about mentoring young artists and spends about 30 per cent of his time just doing that! He has a brilliant eye when it comes to spotting young talent but what sets him apart is that he also has the passion thereafter to spend time with them, mentor them and ensure progress.

Swesha Sangwan

(Art Project Manager and Photographer)

Swesha began her career focusing on training and development as part of a human resources function. She graduated with an honors degree in Spanish from JNU Delhi. Having lived in Vadodara and studying for her post graduation at MSU she naturally got pulled into the vibrant visual art scene. She has a keen interest in the contemporary arts and feels passionately for minimal and non representative practices. Her journey with Visual Arts started when she joined Art Pilgrim Live as the manager and co-ordinator 4 years back. She been closely involved in the launch of Art Incept and several of its projects. Today she has a relationship with a large network of mid career and young artists across the country and enjoys interacting with them while keeping abreast of the trends in the industry.