For Artists

Our gallery agreements with artists vary based on our representation – this could be from a representative agreement, a mentoring agreement or an non-exclusive agent for a certain region.

Duration of consignment

When an artist provides a work to the gallery on consignment that work must be consigned for a period of 4-6 months. The artist cannot call for the work back unless it is for an award – this is to ensure clients do not view a work and contact an artist directly. We expect artists to be honest in their dealings.


All exhibits must be signed, original works of the artist and must be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Works should be clearly labeled on the back with the artist’s name, the title and year. All paintings must be dry, framed or professionally presented and ready to be hung using the Gallery hanging system unless otherwise agreed with the Gallery.

Commissions, Prices, and Payments

Artists are responsible for costs incurred in the delivery of their artworks, and for insurance in transit if required unless otherwise agreed. Art Pilgrim will take care of works at the gallery but accepts no liability for theft or damage of artworks while in transit, storage, and handling. Art Pilgrim Live charges a commission that is agreed with the artist for representation and sales.

On sale the Gallery shall pay the Artist all proceeds due to the Artist within 30 days of receipt of payment from the buyer.


The Gallery shall take all steps necessary to ensure that the Artist’s copyright of the consigned works is protected. In the event of the purchase of any work by a party other than the Gallery, title shall pass directly from the Artist to the other party.

The Artist reserves all rights to the reproduction of the Artworks except as noted in writing to the contrary.


The agreement will be governed by the laws of Haryana. All disputes arising under the Agreement shall be submitted accordingly, and the arbitration award may be entered for judgment in any court having jurisdiction.