Art Completes your Home

“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness!”
– Anni Albers

When you walk into a house with art – it welcomes you in. There is a warmth, there is a connection, there is a beauty and so much more. Art is one of the most important aspects of interior design, yet often an afterthought.

Art makes your house a home, your space, one that reflects who you are, what you like or believe in. It takes your guests through a visual journey of your home and tells them a little about you. In fact, art is the most intense mode of individualism we know. Are you leaning towards the modern or traditional? Spiritual or experimental? Cautious or expressive? Art is more than just an image – it tells a story– of the artist, the buyer and the viewer. It captures the mind of the viewer and instantly makes him/her feel comfortable.

Art creates a focal point

In interior design every room needs to have a focal point, an element that will draw the attention of the viewer. Art can do this for your room. While looking for a work that needs to be the focus, an important attribute is size. The work needs to be large enough to command attention yet should not cover the entire wall. The colours do not need to match your sofa, but pick colours that work.

Interiors by FTSbySharmilee
Art by Art Incept

Art brings in new material and textures

Not all art is similar – artists experiment with a range of materials and textures. You can, therefore, bring in different mediums and textures into your space through art. For example, I love the work of Sachin – he tells an entire story by cutting white paper, creating colour through light and shadows!

Furniture by FTS by Sharmilee
Art by Art Pilgrim Live

Sculptures add depth to a room. They move the visual conversation off the walls onto other areas. Sculptures, to me, communicate like no other form of art because we also share the physical space with them. Walk around them, touch them and feel their presence around us. Materials like stainless steel, bronze and ceramic add that welcome visual weight.

Sculpture by Mukul Goyal

If your approach is more collaborative and bold, you could also look at more innovative options such as furniture that incorporates art, designers that sculpt, or even bold works that comment on society and our lives. These will start a conversation!

Art brings colour

Needless to say, art brings colour into your room. It is difficult to have red furniture or even a bright rug that you would like to live with forever. But a colourful artwork adds the vibrancy and pop, and makes you smile at the same time.

Interiors by FTSbySharmilee

Art finishes the room

A home without art on the walls just does not look finished. It’s home improvement without any personal engagement. Art brings a space together – it changes it from being simply functional to one that has a soul. Have you ever seen houses in magazines devoid of art? No right? Even furniture companies call for art to fill their walls while doing a photoshoot! Doesn’t that say it all!

I therefore conclude by saying “good art makes a good home”. It does not have to be expensive, it needs to be what you identify with. It is your space, it is you. Own it!

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