Finding the creativity in our lives is an important adventure we must all embark on. Each of us has the capacity to embrace and become more creative. Connecting with our creative side makes us happier. The happier we feel the more joy we spread! Often, this discovery can begin through art exploration. Finding an artist that connects with you, finding the art that speaks to you is the first step to finding yourself through art!

Art Pilgrim Live


Art Pilgrim, a contemporary Indian art gallery, was set up 20 years ago at Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi. Working with old masters and young contemporary artists, the gallery evolved with a distinct style and identity of its own. Large shows, successful presentations at events like the India Art Fair, a gallery in London helped the gallery build its own network and space. Today it is known for the quality of art (especially sculptures) and most importantly its integrity.

Driven by the need to empower young artist, creating their future while deepening the art market at the same time, we believed that we could create great value by bringing diverse minds together, collaborating and creating a new energy and ecosystem for tomorrow – one that included artists, collectors, patrons, architects and the gallery.

The idea for Art Incept was born from this.


Finding the creativity in our lives is an important adventure we must all embark on. Our exhibitions and events are designed to help you find the art that connects with you!

Bringing artists under one roof

Our curators and advisors handpick artists that have under 6 years of post-graduation experience, through carefully drafted guidelines around concept, skill, expression, subject, and medium.
We would then enable them to progress in their art practice by empowering them with the essential tools for development.