Kumar Misal

Kumar Misal

  • Artist’s Statement

    I have come to realize that the soul of India is in the countryside and it is my dream to perceive that soul. To make this happen I want to visit different villages and study the lifestyle of the people. Art is a part of nature and so is rural life. There is so much beauty in the villages - the simple life, small huts. colored walls in clay or mud, folk songs, dance and elaborate installations in festivals.

  • Biography

    Brojeswer Mondal grew up in Siliguri, Darjeeling. His work revolves around the visual study of urban structures, juxtaposed with natural and non-natural forms. In the current body of work, Mondal leaves hazy background, one that is trifling yet potent. He responded to his immediate everyday living space, the study of light and shadow from the first ray of sun till it sets in the hills of his hometown. The minimal drawings evoke a sense of connection, encouraging a minute inspection of the work, something that we may not be used to in our fast-paced lives. And this act will put the viewer on an inward journey is the humble hope of Mondal for his art.

    He completed his bachelors at the Government Art College, Kolkata and moved on to Rabindra Bharti University, Shantiniketan for his masters.

    BFA Painting from Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai
    MFA Printmaking from Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai

    Part of the 2020-21 Student Binale/Kochi-Muziris biennale

  • Influences

    Born in a farming family near Kolhapur, Kumar is inspired by his love for nature. He strongly believes that we need to remain close to our roots and build a more nurturing relationship with nature.

    Papermaking, drawing and printmaking are all ways in which he expresses his thoughts. What is fascinating is when working in his village he makes his own paper – the paper plays such an important role in his work. Kumar’s paper is made from plant waste from his fields – banana, marigold flowers, corn fibre, sugarcane, bougainvillea flowers - each texture unique and authentic.

    Kumar believes the soul of India is in the countryside!

  • Awards

    Inception Grand 2021 Awardee

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Kumar Misal

Untitled, 2021
31 x 38″ Papermaking and woodcut print

Kumar Misal

My Story II, 2020
21 x 54″ Woodcut on Natural Paper

Kumar Misal

My Story 1
46 x 20″ Woodcut on Natural Paper