George Martin

George Martin

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    “There’s an intense human drama being enacted around to which a sensitive mind with an artistic bend cannot remain immune. Many touching incidents and events, I am a witness to, leave a deep mark on my mind. They make me agitated, and prompt a spontaneous artistic reaction.” George Martin

    George Martin was born in Kerala in 1973. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Sculpture from the college of Fine Arts, Thiruvanthapuram in 1998 and a Master’s degree from the Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata, in 2001.

    George Martin P.J is known for his colour-saturated works, be it paintings, drawings, sculpture or installations. The density of his compositions, the exuberance of his imaginations and the depth of his conceptual framework allude to urban situations. They seem to dig deep into the mysteries of life – explaining some, while creating new anonymities at the same time. His work can create different reactions based on the viewer and his or her interpretation.

    “My work, soaked in an infinite aesthetical richness, looks to generate a sense of awe in the viewers. I want to appeal to their inner, invisible sensory powers. I believe, my experiences and a passion to portray them are more important than anything else. I let the language of expression and forms take their own course.” George Martin

    His work has been exhibited and celebrated at museums, institutions, art residencies and other venues in India and abroad.

    He was the first recipient of Art India Magazine’s promising Artist Award in 2005. Besides the Promising Artist Award, Martin also won the fellowship from the Vice –Versa Foundation and Shanguyan Museum, China in 2013, Kashi Visual Art Award in 2005 and received a National Scholarship from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture in 2000 and in 1995 the Highly Commended Award from Lalit Kala Academy, Kerala.

    He lives and works in New Delhi

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George Martin

East of the Tracks
48 x 48 ″ Acrylic on Canvas