Dimpy Menon

Dimpy Menon

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    Dimpy Menon graduated in Fine Arts from the College of Arts and Craft, Chennai in 1986 majoring in sculpture. Excellence was always what she was after; it was, therefore, no surprise that she ranked 1st in college.

    “The human body is the literal and metaphorical vehicle for my expression.” – Dimpy Menon

    Dimpy is inspired by life and all its splendor and that shows in her works. The human body in its fluid form is the primary focus. Initially her human forms were androgynous but over time they distinctly became male and female. We see images of dancers, loving mothers, meditators, and people from our daily lives. Dimpy also captures the spontaneity and exuberance of a relationship between a man and woman perfectly and has done many such works. What is absolutely amazing is how she manages to depict
    100 kgs of bronze into figures that are so light that they can fly!

    “A sculpture requires me to pour in more energy into it. I still paint, draw and etch; a lot of my bronzes have drawings and etchings on them.”

    Her dexterity and creativity has been recognized in India as well as outside. In 2015, she won the prestigious Lorenzo Award at the Florence Biennale, becoming the first Indian sculptor to do so! She has exhibited her works in India and abroad including Max Mueller Bhava, Bangalore; Saakshi Art Gallery, Chennai; Renaissance Art Gallery Bangalore; India International Centre, New Delhi in 2002; Nehru Centre, London in 2005 and with us at the India Art Fair, New Delhi. She has won the Entrapper Art Gallery
    and museum scholarship, and the State Award for Sculpture from Tamil Nadu in 1984.

    Her ability to integrate with spaces and depict emotions through action and body language makes these sculptures great for outdoor spaces and institutional commissions. Her works can be seen in many corporate and institutional areas, and what we will all agree on, is that these works have grace, gentleness, control and fluidity that makes you want to stop and smile.

    What we love about her work is that the figures capture the moment, the emotion and the action. There is a meditativeness that balances the force. Her work celebrates life, the human form and creativity perfectly. Flawless human figures in action, flying through spaces made in heavy bronze!

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Dimpy Menon

25 x 17 x 11 ″ Bronze and Granite