A brief conversation with Jaimini Jariwala, the newest addition to the Art Incept family as our represented artist.   Born in 1991 (Gujarat), Jaimini studied painting from Surat School of Fine Arts, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, followed by a Masters in Printmaking and Graphics … Continue reading “MEMORIES IN BLUE”


Kumar Misal in conversation with Gayatri Singh We showed Kumar Misal at the India Art Fair in April 2022. His work was deeply appreciated by many art critics and collectors. He was an integral part of the curated walks and he was also written about … Continue reading “DARE TO DREAM”

India Art Fair 2022

Art Incept was at the India Art Fair in 2022 as a debutant gallery. We present 8 young emerging artists. The exhibition was designed by Prima Kurien and was curated by Prima and Rahul. We showed Abhishek Dodiya, Brojeswer Mondal, Cyrus, Kumar Misal, Parul Sharma, … Continue reading “India Art Fair 2022”

Where does it go?

An initiative between iamgurgaon, The Municipal Corporation and Art Incept Waste is a problem – it poisons our water, our air and the food we eat. We see a lot of data on pollution levels, per capita waste, number of animals dying because of plastic … Continue reading “Where does it go?”

The Associates of PAG

After years of camaraderie based on the vision of progressive modernist approach achieved through distinctive styles and techniques, the ardour of Progressive Artists’ Group (PAG) of Bombay faded in the early 1950’s. During its lifetime, the leftist radicalism became too stern to be endured by … Continue reading “The Associates of PAG”

The PAG of Bombay

The stretch of 1940’s was the period of great national turmoil in India, feeding the creation of several art collectives in diverse fields like visual arts, theatre, literature and so on. Leading nationalist demonstrations against the British Raj, class and religious conflicts, partition of India and Pakistan and such social and political turbulences became the … Continue reading “The PAG of Bombay”

Art and Design

Why don’t we integrate art more with architecture and interior design? Architecture, sculpture, and painting at one time belonged together. If we look at most ancient cultures, the Renaissance and even the Baroque periods you will see that painting, art, and building design was amazingly … Continue reading “Art and Design”