Bikash Poddar

“My paintings are based on my response to nature. I develop this bond with nature through the medium of watercolour. The vast expanse of land appears to be communicating with the rest of the elements of nature of which man is a significant part. The blank spaces in my paintings reveal the beginning of life on earth. “        -Bikash Poddar

Bikash’s technical brilliance and his love for nature, his village and the forests around it, is what makes his work so special. Detailed images that are clearly etched in his mind from his childhood, come to life when he holds a brush and paints!

Born in Kalitaganj, North Bengal, Bikash Poddar studied art from the Govt. College of Art & Craft, Kolkata and was awarded a Gold medal. He joined the commercial world after
graduating, working at an advertising agency at Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Delhi. After 15 years, he gave up the advertising world to become an artist, a clear win for all of us art

“I visualise the painting, soak the canvas in water and start painting. In this technique, you only get half an hour to paint your entire canvas, as the water starts to dry quickly. Another rule that I have, is to keep the initial canvas intact. I never crop or cut it out once the painting is done.”

Bikash uses the wash technique to paint his landscapes. His works reflect the flow of colour that Bengal art assimilated from the Chinese and Japanese calligraphic art. This is blended with a detailed depiction of monuments and human figures, something we find in our own miniatures. While achieving a blend of figures and landscapes might be easy in a miniature painting, to portray it on a larger canvas is a huge challenge which he overcomes with technical brilliance.

“Art can speak where words fail.”

Suneet Chopra, Art Critic writes: “What strikes me is the proportions of the human figures that blend beautifully with the landscape and yet hold their ground in a symbiotic relationship that evokes the relation between man and nature.”

Bikash has taken part in as many as 25 solo and group shows both in India and abroad.

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