Arun Pandit

“There is an impression in my mind either from imagination, a dream or incident that is the central point of view of my creation.” Arun Pandit

Arun Pandit was born in 1973 in Bihar. He graduated from College of Art & Crafts, Patna and then went on to do his MFA from the Delhi College of Arts. His association with bronze began in 1993, when he was commissioned to build an Ashoka Pillar in Bihar, even before he finished his masters. What he earned from this, in fact, helped him complete his education in 1997.

“For me, the internet experience is a kind of disorientation which is the beginning and the end.” – Arun Pandit

Arun Pandit tries to reflect the conflicts that occur in our city and this lives through his works. He began to communicate the risks and frustrations of the virtual world a lot before many of us even thought about this. His sculptures, you will notice, are images that are blurred and reflect our frustrations somewhat like Error 404 that we experienced on downloads during the early stages of the internet.

Arun has held a few solo shows, and more than 20 group shows both in India and abroad. In 2016, Pandit’s solo Power and Pathos, at the Lalit Kala Academy, won him great critical acclaim. He has won many awards and scholarships that include the Lalit Kala Academy Award and the Scholarship Award from AIFACS. In 2015, he was commissioned to do a magnificent and enormous sculpture of a human Garuda at the new International Airport in Tirupati that received a lot of attention.

Arun loves to work with bronze. He believes though expensive, this is a historical material and a piece of work once created in this material has a very long life!

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